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The Dragich Law Firm Secures Positive Result in Commercial Litigation Trial Conducted by Zoom

We’re all too aware that the world looks and functions far differently than it did twelve months ago, and the manner in which legal advocacy is conducted is no exception. Our firm, led by trial  

The Dragich Law Firm Concludes Successful Representation in Michigan Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

The Dragich Law Firm recently concluded its representation of Gene Kohut of Conway MacKenzie, Inc., in his role as assignee for the benefit of creditors. The underlying assignment for the benefit of  

Amanda Vintevoghel Promoted to Partner

We are pleased to announce that Amanda Vintevoghel has been elevated to partner at The Dragich Law Firm PLLC. Over the last decade, Amanda has shown great dedication to our practice, our clients, and  

Courts Consider Both Contractual Agreements and Common Law Factors When Appointing a Receiver

A state or federal court receivership can be a viable and effective alternative to a federal bankruptcy proceeding, which often costs more, takes longer, and involves more oversight than a  

How a Corporate Bankruptcy Attorney can Help Your Business Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an option that no business wants to contemplate. However, when a business is struggling, failing to consider bankruptcy soon enough often serves to hasten its arrival. Putting  

Communicating With Creditors When Winding Down a Business

No one relishes the idea of winding down their business. Unfortunately, business dissolution is increasingly common these days due to the economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the  

Dragich Law Firm Represents Seller in Successful Sale of Sakthi Automotive Group USA Assets to Bedrock LLC

The Dragich Law Firm is pleased to announce the successful sale of 37 acres and over 600,000 square feet in building space from Sakthi Automotive Group USA to Bedrock LLC. Our firm played a key role  

Recent Accolades and New Engagements

In a year that has had many twists and turns, The Dragich Law Firm has been busy serving clients in the areas of corporate restructuring and commercial litigation as a public health crisis resulted  

When Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is the Right Option (and when it isn’t)

To file or not to file? That is the question on many business leaders’ minds these days as lots of companies across different sectors of the economy struggle to gain traction, and an increasing  

Five Common Misconceptions About the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Process

It has been years since businesses have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the pace they are doing so today. According to data from Epiq Systems, commercial Chapter 11 filings were up 48%