The Dragich Law Firm Secures Positive Result in Commercial Litigation Trial Conducted by Zoom

We’re all too aware that the world looks and functions far differently than it did twelve months ago, and the manner in which legal advocacy is conducted is no exception. Our firm, led by trial counsel January Dragich, recently wrapped up the representation of two corporate clients which culminated in a successful trial conducted via Zoom.

Our clients in the case—two South Korean corporations—were sued for breach of contract stemming from an agreement to supply steel pallets used in manufacturing facilities. The case was brought by the plaintiff in Michigan state court.

During the course of litigation, we obtained dismissal of all counts against one defendant. The claims against the remaining defendant included a request for damages in excess of $2 million.

This multi-count breach of contract case involved an intensive and extensive discovery process, which included Zoom depositions of two witnesses in South Korea and the review and production of thousands of pages of electronic discovery documents.

The parties ultimately went to trial and January Dragich led the defense of our client in proceedings conducted by Zoom.

While the court decided in plaintiff’s favor on liability and on the issue of attorney fees, the breach of contract damages awarded—$81,000—were a mere fraction of the $2 million-plus in damages asserted. Given what was at stake, and the plaintiff’s unwillingness to reach a reasonable settlement, by all accounts (particularly our client’s) the trial was a success.

“This three-day trial posed a lot of challenges, from technology to complex witness testimony, including multiple expert witnesses relating to the steel and concrete industries, metallurgy, and lost profits claims,” said January Dragich. “I am thrilled that we could deliver a positive result for our clients who were facing significant liability in a Michigan court while they observed from half a world away.”

According to firm founder David Dragich, “This case is representative of the well-rounded counsel and advocacy we provide to our clients, in general, and a testament to the skill and dedication of January and our commercial litigation team, in particular.”

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