David Dragich Article on the Benefits of Collaborating with Large Law Firms Published in Law.com

The Dragich Law Firm was founded in 2009, in the midst of the Financial Crisis and on the cusp of the automotive restructuring boom. But every wave crashes and restructuring work, particularly the large Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings that keep armies of lawyers busy, eventually slowed down.

For our firm, a new plan was required. Instead of waiting for the phone to ring—it had rung off the hook since the beginning—we had to employ a more strategic approach. And a big part of our strategy involved generating more referral work from our large firm counterparts.

In this article published by Law.com, Dave Dragich discusses how our firm pivoted its approach, which helped us grow and thrive as a small firm and not merely survive.

In short, even when you’re small, you can and should think big.