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Key Steps in Winding Down Private Equity Portfolio Company

Lots of private equity funding—not to mention venture capital—has flowed to companies over the last couple of years. And, as we all know, that funding firehose is getting turned way down. That  

David Dragich Shares Lessons Learned as an Adjunct Law Professor for

Last fall, David Dragich checked a box that’s been on his bucket list for years. He began teaching a class as a law school adjunct professor at his alma mater, the University of Detroit Mercy  

David Dragich Bankruptcy Alternative Article Published by

Will 2022 be the year of the next bankruptcy wave? That's a question that many are asking, but no one knows the answer to. What seems certain, as David Dragich addresses in his most recent article  

Dragich Law Firm 2021 Success Stories

In a year that had many twists and turns, The Dragich Law Firm stayed busy serving clients in the areas of corporate restructuring, business transactions and commercial litigation. As we look forward  

Courts Differ on Enforcement of Contractual Restrictions on Bankruptcy Filing

When a corporate debtor files for bankruptcy protection, its lender often takes a big financial hit due to the time it must expend and expenses it must incur to protect its collateral. Accordingly,  

David Dragich Supply Chain Article Published by

There has likely never been a time when the term "supply chain" has been so ubiquitous in headlines and our collective consciousness—for good reason. Supply chain problems have led to shortages in  

David Dragich And Amanda Vintevoghel Named “Michigan Super Lawyers” in 2021

The Dragich Law Firm, located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, is pleased to announce that David Dragich and Amanda Vintevoghel have been recognized as Michigan Super Lawyers in 2021. David Dragich  

Congressional Bill Would Ban Non-Debtor Releases in Chapter 11 Reorganization Plans

The promise of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is that it can offer a corporate debtor a fresh start through the confirmation of a plan of reorganization. That is non-controversial. What is almost always  

David Dragich Authors Article on the Viability of Out-of-Court Restructuring as an Alternative to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

To file or not to file for bankruptcy? It’s a question that no business leader wants to consider, but sometimes it’s necessary. Indeed, given the challenges and uncertainties of the last 16  

NRA Bankruptcy Case Dismissal is a Stark Reminder of Good-Faith Filing Requirement in Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers corporate debtors many benefits, including the automatic stay, discharge of debts, rejection of unfavorable contracts and promise of a fresh start. However, along with