David Dragich Shares Lessons Learned as an Adjunct Law Professor for Law.com

Last fall, David Dragich checked a box that’s been on his bucket list for years. He began teaching a class as a law school adjunct professor at his alma mater, the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, and he shared some of the lessons he's learned in an article he wrote for Law.com.

As David explains in the article, he hears from lots of colleagues who express interest in pursuing an adjunct professor role, and by writing the article his hope is to demystify the process and let others in on what it’s like to be behind the lectern running a law school class.

David answers some of the most frequently asked questions he gets from other lawyers about what it’s like to be an adjunct law professor, including:

- What is the time commitment like?

- Do you get paid to be an adjunct professor?

- How did you secure your adjunct position?

Check out the article to learn more about David's experience: Lessons Learned (so far) During my First Years as an Adjunct Law Professor