Complimentary Webinar: COVID-19—Preparing Your Business for the Downturn

The COVID-19 crisis is wreaking havoc on the economy. It's no longer a question of if there will be a global recession, but rather how deep and lasting it will be. Businesses, large and small, must take immediate steps to prepare for the downturn to limit downside risks.

On Wednesday, March 25 at 1 p.m. ET, The Dragich Law Firm is hosting a complimentary webinar to help you get your business ready for what is to come. Corporate restructuring professionals David Dragich and Gene Kohut will provide advice on the actions businesses should take to mitigate the effects of the economic slowdown, and will answer questions from the audience.

Webinar Hosts:

David Dragich—Corporate Restructuring Lawyer and Founder of The Dragich Law Firm PLLC

Gene Kohut—Managing Director with Conway MacKenzie, a part of Riveron, a global financial advisory firm

Topics to be Addressed:

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